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A smoking cessation study

Recruitment for this study is officially closed and we are no longer accepting new participants.

For assistance with quitting smoking, we encourage you to visit the American Cancer Society's Quit for Life program by clicking here.

What is Text My Quit?

TMQ is an interactive text-based program designed to help people like you quit smoking.


The program was created with funding from the National Institute of Health and built by developers at Live Inspired, LLC, and Smoking Cessation Specialists at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI.


With TMQ users receive daily text messages, reminders, group chats, and 24/7 support.  It's fun, it’s simple, anyone can do it!

What is the study?

This research study is testing whether TMQ is effective for helping people quit smoking, which aspects are most effective and what types of smokers benefit.

How does it work?

Eligible participants completed a short online survey before beginning the program.


Following the online survey, participants were placed into either group A or group B.


  • Group A: TMQ – Receive TMQ text messages for up to 4 weeks before their quit date and 8 weeks after their quit date.
  • Group B: TMQ Mojo – Receive motivational messages for 12 weeks.


Participants complete additional surveys at 3 and 6 months after TMQ  program.

Stay in Touch

TMQ is wrapping up and we will be releasing the results in the coming months. If you are interested in receiving notifications from TMQ or are a researcher interested in incorporating text messaging into your research, please fill our the form below.

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